The Huyton Advisory Board serves a very important function on behalf of Children’s Centres. It works in partnership with the Huyton leadership team, staff and the local authority to help us provide the best possible learning experiences for all our children.

The role of the Advisory Board:

  • To take a largely strategic role in the running of Huyton Children’s Centres;
  • To act as a critical friend to Huyton Children’s Centres; This year we welcome several new members including:
  • Louise Byrne – Representative for Head Teachers across the central locality
  • Donna Wilson – North Huyton Health Visiting Manager
  • Karen Little – Family First
  • Catherine Gilhooley – Parent Representative

Huyton Parent Representatives

Parent representatives are absolutely vital to Huyton Children’s Centre Advisory Board. You need no prior experience to attend, just a willingness to share the views and needs of parents, carers and their families on behalf of the Huyton community. Meetings are interesting and informative and help scrutinise and shape the services offered to Huyton families. If you are interested in the role of Advisory Board member then please contact Lucy on 0151 477 8600 or email


Huyton Locality Advisory Board 2016/17

Cllr Christina O’Hare (CO) Board Chair for 16/17 Elected Member Representative
Claire Poole (CP) Board Deputy Chair for 16/17 Parent Representative
Rachel Anderson De Cuevas University of Liverpool (Academic Representative)
Barbara Murray Villages Housing (Housing Sector)
Donna Wilson North Huyton Health Visiting Team Leader
Helen Nevin South Huyton Health Visiting Team Leader
Louise Byrne St Margaret Mary’s Primary School (Huyton Schools Collaborative)
Amanda Thomas Knowsley Citizens Advice Bureau
Karen Little Knowsley Family First Representative
Jacqueline Croft Knowsley Adult Education
Ayshea Talib Parent Representative
Kirk Sandringham Parent Representative
Catherine Gilhooley Parent Representative
Pam Bowes Knowsley Home-Start
Susannah Quinn Knowsley Public Health
Heather Haddley Private, Voluntary and Independent Nursery Representative
Belinda Tynan Huyton Children’s Centres Staff Representative
Barbara Johnstone Knowsley Early Years Development Team Representative