Children Centres offer a fully inclusive universal timetable to all families of children from birth to 5 years encouraging positive experiences for both children and adults. The sessions are planned to support children’s development and learning. Occasionally, some children require more than what’s on offer. When this is identified Children Centre staff will offer a tailor made approach to support individual children.

This may include smaller target groups or even ‘Play in the Home’. Sometimes Children Centre staff will work alongside other agencies including Health Visitors, Speech Therapists and Portage to ensure the child’s needs are being addressed.

Our targeted services, language support and sleep support also offer a tailor made approach to meet the needs of individual children.

Children Centre staff work in partnership with the Child Development Team (CDT) and also are part of the CDT group, which is a group of professionals and ongoing support for children with emerging developmental problems and complex support needs.


Children’s Centres work closely with the Universal Child Health Service and other Midwifery and ‘Healthy Knowsley’ partners. Some of the ways we work together include:

Sleep Support

Does your child struggle with their bedtime routine, waking frequently throughout the night, suffering with nightmares or night terrors or refuse to go to sleep in their own cot/bed?

If you answered yes to any of the above, support is on offer within your local Children’s Centre which could support you to overcome any sleep problem, therefore support you & your child in developing healthy sleep habits. If you would like to know more about the support we can offer then either call one of our centres or complete this Service Request Form

Alternatively, check out Knowsley’s ‘Sleep Well’ guidance for parents with children in three different age groups; under ones, one to five years and five to 12 years.

Speech & Language

Children develop quickly in the early years and a child’s language experiences between birth and age three have a major impact on their future life chances. Language skills are essential for children to develop and reach their potential as language is the foundation for all relationships and learning.

Childrens Centres contribute to the Healthy Child Language Pathway working with children 0-3 years. The 6 week course will support your child’s language development and assess their needs. During this course your child will be observed by a Speech and Language Therapist. The programme is here to support parents support their children to develop their language and communication.

The language pathway is split into age and needs of child, your child may be referred from their Health visitor at their development check appointment or if you have a concern you can speak to a children’s centre practitioner who will advise or you can self-refer.

The language pathway looks like this:

Service Request Form

Early Years Activities

Our Baby Explorers, Little Explorers and Little Adventurers sessions follow the Peep Learning Together Programme. They are filled with lots of fun things for you and your child to do in a warm and welcoming environment. Each session has a focus that will support your child’s learning and we will also give you ideas for things to try at home.

Courses for Parents

Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour Course.

This course is aimed at helping parents understand their child’s behaviour. It provides a chance for parents to reflect on their relationship with their child and their own parenting style, and gain a better understanding of their child’s feelings, development and behaviour. It aims to improve the parent-child relationship by helping parents ‘tune-in’ to their children, and supports parents in developing healthy routines, engaging in positive play, and managing temper tantrums and anger more effectively. The course is evidence-based and fully evaluated.