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A 10 week parenting group for parents with children aged 0-5. The course covers understanding your child’s feelings, understanding your child’s development, how to respond to your child’s needs, play and having fun together, parenting styles, supporting sleep, managing anger and temper tantrums and how to cope when things go wrong. Focusing on promoting a nurturing and sensitive parent-child relationship, promoting positive communication with parents and children, and establishing healthy routines.

Limited crèche places are available.

Places are bookable only please contact one of our centres to book a place.

One workshop covering different themes including behaviour management, toileting and school readiness, and supporting children with Special Education Needs.

Delivered  in partnership with Children’s Centres and Health Practitioners.

Workshops are bookable only, please contact one of our centres to book your place.

Children develop quickly in the early years and a child’s language experiences between birth and age three have a major impact on their future life chances. Language skills are essential for children to develop and reach their potential as language is the foundation for all relationships and learning.

Knowsley Early Years Service contribute to the Healthy Child Language Pathway working with children 0-3 years. The 6 week course will support your child’s language development and assess their needs. During this course your child will be observed by a Speech and Language Therapist. The programme is here to support parents support their children to develop their language and communication.

The language pathway is split into age and needs of child, your child may be referred from their Health visitor at their development check appointment or if you have a concern you can speak to a children’s centre practitioner who will advise or you can self-refer.

The language pathway looks like this:

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Sleep Support

Does your child struggle with their bedtime routine, waking frequently throughout the night, suffering with nightmares or night terrors or refuse to go to sleep in their own cot/bed?

If you answered yes to any of the above, support is on offer with your local Knowsley Early Years Service team which could support you to overcome any sleep problem, therefore support you & your child in developing healthy sleep habits. If you would like to know more about the support we can offer then either call one of our centres or complete this Service Request Form

Alternatively, check out Knowsley’s ‘Sleep Well’ guidance for parents with children in three different age groups; under ones, one to five years and five to 12 years.